Sheffield-St Vincent’s Neighbourhood Plan

Shalesmoor Map – uses

Currently SKINN is working on starting the neighbourhood planning process in St. Vincent’s / Shalesmoor area. In the next few months we will be developing a neighbourhood forum of 21 representatives of the area and those interested in its future. We are looking for your input and involvement!

The Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for the local community to guide development, regeneration and conservation in the local area. The plan will provide a vision for the future of the St Vincents area and, if adopted, the plan will form part of the statutory local development plan and be used to inform planning decisions. It will be an important and influential document as the existing policies are outdated and the current St Vincents Action Plan is in its final year of coverage.

Why become involved?

The St Vincents area is a distinctive quarter with a dramatic topography and strong industrial heritage, however it has suffered slow decline and dereliction. The current stage of transition means that this opportunity to become involved in the planning process is a real opportunity to help shape the future of the area and ensure that development is of benefit to the local community.

How to become involved?

The neighbourhood forum is a community group composed of a minimum of 21 individuals who will be involved with the preparation of the plan. The creation of the forum should be completed by July-August but creating the neighbourhood plan is a lengthy process so being a member of the forum does require long term-commitment. The development of a Neighoburhood Plan will also involve community engagement and public consultation led by the forum.

What is SKINN?

With the support of Integrate Plus, Studio Polpo and Sheffiled City Council, SKINN will act as secretariat to the forum. We will guide and manage the process ensuring that everyone is kept informed and that everyone’s voice is heard. SKINN works on a number of local projects and initiatives related to the development of the local area. More information can be found on this website.

What we have done so far.

  • -Appraisal of latest policies and action plans that affect St. Vincent’s Quarter
  • -Review of planning applications submitted in the last two years in St. Vincent’s Quarter
  • -Mapping ownership in the area
  • -Liaising with partners (SCC, Integreat Plus, Studio Polpo) and potential forum members

The next steps

Over the course of the summer, we will be developing an official neighbourhood forum and applying for forum and neighbourhood boundary designation. This will hopefully be a short process and will likely take a couple of focused meetings. If you would like to be involved, please fill “Get Involved” form on the right and we will contact you with next steps as well as continue sending you information about any developments.